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.NET Framework 2.0

961864   FIX: Web clients may have several problems when you access
an ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX-enabled Web site

969548   ASP.net 2.0 : Event validation failure when post back
occurs before page is rendered completely

969388   The leak of marterial on DTMF feature of the speech
synthesis class

967114   FIX: Error message when you use the
System.Data.DataTable.InsertRow method or any other overload method in a .NET
Framework 2.0-based application to insert rows into a table: "Arithmetic
operation resulted in an overflow"


Communications Server 2007

968975   Event ID 10005 is logged in the Application log when you
try to uninstall Office Communications Server 2007


Communicator 2007

968974   Communicator 2007 does not change a user's status to
"In a Meeting" when an appointment is in progress

961552   Description of the Communicator 2007 hotfix rollup
package: March 2009

961595   Your presence status is unexpectedly set to
"Away" when you use the Remote Desktop Client to access a computer
that is running Communicator 2007, and you cannot change this status

968505   You cannot transfer a call when you use Office
Communicator version 2.0.6362.97 or later

968506   A Communicator 2007 client crashes when it receives a call
from another Communicator client

961598   Office Communicator 2007 causes an access violation in a
Citrix environment

968490   Images that are specified in the Tabs.xml file do not load
consistently on Communicator 2007 tabs


Exchange Server 2003

959745   An Exchange View-Only Administrator can review user
mailbox contents by using an administrative application

967594   After you configure the font color in Outlook Web Access
for Exchange 2003, the font color for e-mail messages is incorrect


Outlook 2003

949918   If you cancel the credentials dialog box, Outlook 2003
silently enters Offline mode, and you are not connected to your mailbox


Outlook 2007

969375   Outlook 2007: ShowSenderPhoto OutlookAddin.Connect is
listed in the Disabled Items dialog box after installing the February 24,
2009 Cumulative Update


SharePoint Server 2007

969549   Daily/Weekly alerts not sent while the immediate ones are
sent successfully

969563   Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 error message: "There
are no items to show in this view of the list"

969242   The STSADM MergeContentDB command may cause database
corruption in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

969561   Unable to add documents to a recurring meeting workspace
with non-ascii characters in the subject

969565   Content deployment job fails with the error -
"Content deployment job failed. The remote upload web request failed.”

969551   Strictly negative queries using object model are not
supported when querying against Search.asmx Web service


SQL Server 2005

963060   FIX: An error message is logged, and the synchronization
may take a long time to finish when you synchronize a merge replication that
contains a SQL Server Compact 3.5 subscriber: "UpdateStatistics Start
app=CPWerx mobile.exe"

960142   FIX: A merge replication synchronization with SQL Server
2005 Compact Edition subscribers takes a long time to complete, and an
"UpdateStatistics Start app=CPWerx mobile.exe" error message is
logged in the Client Agent log file


Visual Studio 2005

969471   CE6.0 based SH4 compiler may genrate bad code for
expression with complex array index with Optimization


Windows Home Server

956587   Description of the Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 update


Windows Server 2003

969382   Recovery process of a DFS Namespace in Windows 2003 and
2008 Server

969523   Installers running in Terminal Server may not copy all
per-user Default settings to each user's HKCU hive.

969365   The Cluster icon is missing in the Computer Management
window on Windows Server 2003 x64

969594   Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 forces Mutual Authentication
with MSDTC

967787   Stop error message when you have the TCP Chimney feature
enabled and the TCP transfer buffer size is set to 32 MB in Windows Vista,
Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2003: "Stop 0x00000040

969368   The Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Server service
terminated with service-specific error message 3238332162 (0xC1050702)

969496   Profile path not applied to users when logging across
cross forest

967198   You cannot manage Windows Deployment Service (WDS) images
from a Windows Server 2003-based server that has a localized admin pack

969500   Server 2003 x64 diskpart unable to import dynamic foreign
RAID set

969457   How to prevent profile creation on server even when an
encypted file is copied in plain text mode

967222   When you take some Windows HPC Server 2008 nodes offline,
these nodes remain in the Draining state

967208   You receive a Stop error message some time after you use a
32-bit installer to install an NDIS intermediate driver on a computer that
runs a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003

961716   A memory leak occurs every time that an application
submits an SOA job to a Windows HPC Server 2008 cluster

961776   You receive a "duplicate UUID" error message
when you compile a COM-based program for Windows HPC Server 2008

968225   Account lockout policy does not work correctly for ADAM
user accounts when the password expires, and the wrong password is entered
during the bind process


Windows Server 2008

967758   You experience a delay during startup on a computer that
is running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 when the computer has certain
devices connected

959482   Horizontal black stripes are displayed in the print output
when you print an image to a PCL printer from a computer that is running
Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008

961707   You may be not able to use a VPN connection again on a
computer that is running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista if you log off
the computer without disconnecting the VPN connection

967574   A Windows Server 2008-based or Windows Vista SP1-based
computer cannot locate ADWS in a domain

953602   Vulnerabilities in Windows Services for UNIX and the
Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) could allow for remote code

953152   The algorithm for the Encrypting File System (EFS)
smartcard certificate implementation in Windows Vista may cause data loss

965494   Stop error when a registry management problem occurs on a
Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista SP1-based computer:

961918   Audio-related applications may experience exception or
function failure in Terminal sessions in Windows Server 2008 or in Windows
Vista Service Pack 1

969547   Error code after enabling Bitlocker in Task Sequence when
deploying image by using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008:

969597   SCOM 2007 Cluster Management Pack may cause high CPU usage
on clusters with a large number of resources

969488   RODC logs DNS event 4015 every 3 minutes with error code

969489   Program Entry for Windows Power Shell in Windows Server
2008 Foundation is empty

969601   You may be prompted to format a volume that is already
formatted when you manually assign a drive letter

957473   A scheduled task is suspended unexpectedly, and the
operating system resumes sleep when you select the "Wake the computer to
run this task" option in Windows Vista or in Windows Server 2008

969556   Creating or starting Hyper-V virtual machines may fail
with error 0x80070005 because of Intel IPMI driver

961080   Event ID: 19 occurs on Windows Server 2008 or Windows
Vista Service Pack 1-based computers that use Intel Nehalem processors

969511   Performance issues in W2K8 RDR cause performance delays
for ADMT migrations

967353   Description of the pre-scan version of System Update
Readiness Tool for Windows Vista and for Windows Server 2008

969445   Previous versions disappear after installing Terminal
Services role

967609   The application compatibility scripts do not run on a
terminal server that is running Windows Server 2008 when a user creates a
terminal session for the first time

969027   Terminal Server (TS) Web Access may display unreadable
text in certain localized versions of Windows Server 2008

959193   Two improvements are available that shorten the time that
is required to manage SCEP certificates by using the Network Device
Enrollment Service in Windows Server 2008

963044   On a computer that runs Windows Vista or Windows Server
2008, after you rename, delete, or move the files in a network share that is
hosted on a Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008-based computer, files are
still listed in the network share

967657   You cannot access a CD or DVD disc on a shared optical
drive after you replace one disc with another on a computer that is running
Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008

955162   A check box in the German edition of Windows Server 2008
was translated incorrectly from the English edition


Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

969553   User is still in the group "All People" after
removal from other groups


Windows Vista Enterprise

969402   Users unable to override Color Management settings for a
network printer

969397   DPI Scaling (font size adjustment) does not work on
display resolutions lower than 600 pixels vertical

967584   Two options are missing on the shortcut menu that is
opened from the Bluetooth Agent icon if you use an Arabic Language Pack that
is preinstalled on your Windows Vista-based computer


Windows XP Service Pack 2

968486   On a Windows XP-based computer, icons are displayed as a
red X

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