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Excel 2007

975651   You cannot connect to an instance of SQL Server Analysis
Services from an application in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2 after
you install Office Live Add-in 1.4 or Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5


Excel 2008 for Mac

976191   "Application has quit unexpectedly" error when
you start a Microsoft Office for Mac Application


Internet Information Services 6.0

200298   Problems with SQL Server Express user instancing and
ASP.net Web Application Projects


Office 2007 suites

200210   Office files saved to a Buffalo NAS device with Offline
files enabled display as .tmp files when viewed from another computer

200098   You may receive “The Setup configuration file is
not valid” when you install Office 2007 and chain an additional install to
the config.xml file.

972854   Description of the update for the Brazilian Portuguese
proofing tools in 2007 Office applications: September 08, 2009


Outlook 2007

975776   There is neither a command in the Outlook 2007 user
interface nor a Group Policy to prevent users from exporting items from the
global address list (GAL)

948857   When Outlook 2007 is running in Cached mode, you can still
add items to a managed custom folder even if the size of the folder exceeds
the storage limit

974415   You cannot save a contact in Outlook 2007 if the certificate
data for the contact is larger than 32 kilobytes


SharePoint Server 2007

972952   Description of the update for the Brazilian Portuguese
proofing tools in 2007 Office servers: September 08, 2009


Windows Server 2003

200109   Out of Order Certificate Revocation List Version Number
Published Intermittently

976010   A process stops responding on a Windows Server 2003-based
server that has a very large amount of memory


Windows Server 2008

975695   When you try to back up a virtual machine on a Windows
Server 2008-based computer that has multiple virtual hard disks attached, the
backup fails, and Hyper-V Writer error "0x800423f4" is generated

976072   Event ID 1, event ID 5, event ID 70, or event ID 113 may
be logged in the System log on a computer that uses the iSCSI Software
Initiator to connect to an iSCSI target device

976267   Filter Driver Registry Entries Are Migrated During Windows
Vista or Windows Server 2008 Upgrade or Service Pack Setup

200083   AD LDS Install Error "Failure for not meeting
DnsValidateName constrain"


Windows Vista Enterprise

975974   Error message when you try to print a document during a
service pack installation or a driver installation in Windows XP, Windows
Vista, or Windows 7: "error 61 (ERROR_PRINTQ_FULL)"

976235   You receive an error message that contains the event ID 11
error code when you try to update your Windows Vista-based computer by using
Windows Update or Microsoft Update

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