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.NET Framework 2.0

974065   FIX: A System.InsufficientMemoryException exception occurs
when you are running a .NET Framework 2.0-based application


Excel 2007

973823   Conditional formatting rules are duplicated when you copy
and then paste cells in Excel 2007


Exchange Server 2003

961978   E-mail message attachments are not viewable in Outlook
2003 if you use the AddProps method of the ITnef interface to add properties
to the TNEF message that contains multiple embedded attachments

958625   The Inetinfo.exe process crashes in the
MSExchange.UceContentFilter.dll module on a computer that is running an
Exchange Server 2003 server, and that has Intelligent Message Filter (IMF)

961892   Exchange Server 2003 users cannot reply to an e-mail
message sent from Lotus Notes when the Lotus Notes user's e-mail address
contains 8-bit ASCII characters

974604   The received message on the next hop may not contain the
changes that were made by the
"IMailTransportOnPostCategorize::OnMessagePostCategorize" event
sink in an RFC2822 P2 header on Exchange 2003


Exchange Server 2007

972269   The Store.exe process hangs intermittently and all clients
accessing the server are blocked in an Exchange 2007 environment

971010   Some databases intermittently do not come back online when
a cluster failover occurs in an Exchange Server 2007 CCR environment

972900   Error code when you move a mailbox across a forest by
using the move-mailbox commandlet: "-1056749203"

972524   Exchange 2007 Journal Reports lose header information in
Outlook client when you configure Exchange Server 2007 to deliver journal
reports to an Exchange 2003 mailbox

971801   Exchange 2007 may incorrectly identify the
LastExternalIPAddress property on a message that is submitted by a
third-party SMTP server


Internet Explorer 6.0

200263   An error occurs after downloading a .ZIP file with
Internet Explorer

200264   An error occurs after downloading a .ZIP file with
Internet Explorer


Internet Information Services 6.0

975439   You receive an HTTP Error 403 page when you access the
Reporting Services virtual directory for System Center Operations Manager
2007 after you upgrade to Windows Server 2008

975306   The file change notifications are lost when the FTP
service that is installed in Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 runs on


Office 2007 suites

974364   The spelling checker crashes the first time that you check
the spelling of a document in a 2007 Microsoft Office application

975209   Excel 2007, Word 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 continue to
encrypt document properties when you use the SetPasswordEncryptionOptions
method to disable document properties encryption

974363   Some installed spelling checkers stop working in a 2007
Office application when you install a vendor spelling checker


Outlook 2007

974334   When you reply to or forward a signed or an encrypted
e-mail message, the message is sent without encryption in Outlook 2007

974413   Read receipts are not related to sent messages when you
use a draft message as a template to send e-mail messages in Outlook 2007

975776   There is neither a command in the Outlook 2007 user
interface nor a Group Policy to prevent users from exporting items from the
global address list (GAL)


SharePoint Server 2007

972955   Error message when you try to run a query in Windows
SharePoint Services 3.0: "The search request was unable to connect to
the Search Service"

973408   The value of the PluggableSecurityTrimmerId registry key
is not updated after you register a custom security trimmer in SharePoint
Server 2007

973101   Error message when you try to run a search query in
SharePoint Server 2007 by using the SOME ARRAY clause: "Your Query

974414   Server name mappings are only updated on the initial crawl
of a content source or when new documents are added to the index in
SharePoint Server 2007

974086   The received alert e-mail message contains incorrect links
after you extend a Web application to the Internet zone and then set up a
search alert in SharePoint Server 2007

973872   When you run a search in a custom scope in SharePoint
Server 2007, no result is returned for a multiple value lookup field

973875   An incremental crawl does not obtain moved items and moved
folders if you use the SPFolder.MoveTo method to move the items and the
folders in SharePoint Server 2007


SQL Server 2005

200040   SQL Server 2005 cluster resources fail after a side by
side installation of SQL Server 2008 on a Windows Server 2008


Visual Studio 2005

200248   You cannot programmatically control the position of
vertical and horizontal scroll bars of Reportviewer


Windows CE 5.0

974394   FIX: A flash storage device that is formatted with the
TFAT file system on a Windows CE 5.0-based device is corrupted or reformatted
automatically when you store files in the flash storage device


Windows Home Server

975952   Some files may be inaccessible when software mirroring is
used on a Windows Home Server Power Pack 2-based home server


Windows Server 2003

200199   Queries of certain iSCSI WMI classes may fail or return
unexpected data when an iSCSI HBA or iSCSI Offload functionality is disabled


Windows Server 2008

972907   Stop error message on a computer that is running Windows
Vista or Windows Server 2008: "STOP: 0x0000007F"

200214   Windows Explorer Hangs Connecting to Distributed File
System Roots

973246   Write error when you upload files into a shared folder
that is hosted on a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows Server

971254   FIX: You are incorrectly prompted to format the volume
when a formatted volume is mounted on a NTFS folder that is located on a
computer that is running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista

973245   On a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 or
Windows Vista, you cannot add one or more servers to the securelist of a DNS
service instance that is hosted on a server that is running Windows 2000 or
Windows Server 2003

973640   The Fax Service crashes when a fax server receives a fax
on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008

974780   Error message when you log on to an iSCSI target by using
the Iscsicpl.exe tool on a computer that is running an Itanium-based version
of Windows Server 2008 if CHAP authentication is enabled: "Invalid
access to memory location"


Windows Vista Enterprise

200247   Error when you uninstall an application “An error
occurred while trying to uninstall [application]. It may have already been
uninstalled. Would you like to remove [application] from the Programs and
Features list?"

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