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Teklifte  Websmart Gigabit Switch kullanılacağı yazıyor. Bu markayı 3com ile karşılaştırırsak artıları&eksileri nelerdir. Daha mı iyidir?



Gönderildi : 12/08/2010 21:31

Ürünü kullanmadım ama bildiğim birşey var, teknolojiyi yaşayarak takip etmeleyiz, bu bize deneyim kazandırır, Bilgisayar firmalarında çalıştığım yıllarda satış ekibine herzaman yeni teknoloji satın demişimdir, çünkü ancak bu sayede o ürünleri deneme ve kurma şansım oluyordu ve uda beni bir sonraki kurulumumda daha deneyim sahibi yapıyordu. bunu ancak kurduktan sonra anlayabilirsin,


Aşağıda DLİNK marka web smartlı swich açıklaması var, çereci ve kurulumukolay bir swice benziyor, kurduktan sonra deneyimlerini paylaşırsan sevinirim




D-Link's DGS-1224T Web Smart™ Gigabit Switch blends Plug-&-Play simplicity with exceptional performance and reliability to create a cost-effective solution for a small to medium office.

D-Link’s latest generation of Web Smart Gigabit Switches blend plug-and-play simplicity with exceptional performance and reliability to create a cost-effective solution for bandwidth-starved work groups and departments. Enhanced features of the DGS-1224T include Gigabit uplink combo ports, QoS, and versatile management functions.


The DGS-1224T is housed in a new style 19” rackmount case with an easy-to-view front panel and diagnostic LEDs and feature an innovative fanless design to ensure quiet operation compared to standard switches. User-friendly, web-based management is supported for easy configuration and flexibility for different network requirements.

D-Link Green™ Technology
D-Link is striving to take the lead in developing innovative and power-saving technology without sacrificing operational performance or functionality. The DGS-1224T implements D-Link Green technology, resulting in reduced power consumption and heat dissipation. The switch has adopted the latest silicon technology, which helps lower your power consumption usage. If a port does not have a cable link or the connected device is powered down, the port goes to “sleep mode”, reducing power consumption and saving energy. In a standard work day scenario in which PCs are used 10 hours a day and powered down for 14 hours, the DGS-1224T can provide power savings of up to 23% when compared to a D-Link conventional switch.

Protecting the Environment for a Better Tomorrow
The incorporation of D-Link Green technology into DGS-1224T switch re-emphasizes D-Link’s strong commitment to protecting the environment and leading the development of eco-friendly products. DGS-1224T complies with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives. RoHS directives restrict the use of specific hazardous materials during the manufacture of electrical and electronic goods, while WEEE directives apply standards for proper disposal and recyclable packaging to help reduce wastage.

Secure Your Network
The DGS-1224T provides a robust set of security features normally found only in fully managed switching solutions. They are equipped with the D-Link Safeguard Engine™ to protect the CPU from malicious attacks. When frames enter the switch, the D-Link Safeguard Engine detects and blocks broadcast, multicast, and unicast flooding, which can overload a CPU and bring network traffic to a halt. In addition, the switches provide support for secure encrypted 802.1X Port-based Authentication, Broadcast Storm Control, and up to 256 static MAC address entries.

You can also manage the switches from a remote station using the Trusted Host function. Management can be from up to three designated management stations through a web browser or telnet session.

IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tagging
VLANs allow your network to be segmented into Departmental, Hierarchical, and Security groups and place a “tag” in a frame to identify which VLAN it belongs to. This allows 802.1Q-compliant devices to work seamlessly together to manage VLAN traffic.

Asymmetric VLANs
Asymmetric VLANs are also supported by the DGS-1224T. With this feature enabled, VLAN groups can send information to each other without the traffic going through a router or a Layer 3 switch. This eliminates expense and maximizes efficiency while maintaining security.

802.1p Priority Tagging or DSCP-based QoS
The DGS-1224T allows users to prioritize traffic based on 802.1p or DSCP-based (Differentiated Services Case Point) QoS. Port-based QoS prioritizes all port traffic with one value, while 802.1p classifies frames according to their VLAN tag. DSCP-based QoS prioritizes traffic according to its IP header. DSCP-based QoS and 802.1p priority tagging prioritizes traffic such as VoIP as it enters the switch, ensuring that your data is always clear and jitter-free.

Link Aggregation
The DGS-1224T supports Static Link Aggregation, which “trunks” multiple ports together to function as a single, high-bandwidth channel. When a high-bandwidth channel is needed to uplink to another switch, Link Aggregation makes this process simple and hassle-free.

Jumbo Frame Support
Jumbo Frame support is designed to improve network throughput and significantly reduce the CPU utilization of large file transfers (such as multimedia files or large data files). This is accomplished by enabling larger, more efficient payloads per packet. The DGS-1224T supports Jumbo Frames up to 10KB in size.

IGMP Snooping
IGMP Snooping allows for the forwarding of multicast packets, such as streaming audio and video, without increasing network congestion. By snooping IGMP registration information within a frame, a list of workstations in the multicast group is created. The switch uses this list to intelligently forward packets to the appropriate workstations.

Cable Diagnostics
Because your connection is just as important as the switch itself, the DGS-1224T is designed with a cable diagnostic feature that detects transmission errors and the condition of cables attached to the switch’s Gigabit copper ports. Cable Diagnostics make it easier to troubleshoot cabling issues through a web-based interface and keep all connections up.

Advanced Management Features
The DGS-1224T supports SNMP v1, a useful tool in managing and controlling SNMP-supported network devices. SNMP enables the switches to provide valuable information about the switch’s status and send traps on abnormal events. This sharing of vital management information saves time and money.

The DGS-1224T also supports 802.1D Spanning Tree, which provides protection from universal cabling loops forming within a network infrastructure. Spanning tree detects and breaks these loops, ensuring network uptime.

Management Utility
In addition to the Web-based Management Interface, the DGS-1224T also ships with the D-Link SmartConsole Utility. This utility provides a valuable tool in managing, planning, and troubleshooting network configurations. Managing a Web Smart switch takes only minutes. With full color graphics, diagrams, and easy-to-understand navigation menus, using the SmartConsole Utility is as easy as surfing the web. The SmartConsole Utility also includes:
Discovery List – Automatically detects and displays up to 254 D-Link Web Smart Switches on your network along with their MAC addresses.
Monitor List – Monitors switch status and any trap messages sent to a designated station.
Trap View – Notifies the administrator whenever an abnormal event occurs on the switch.
Device Setting – Allows the administrator to set up the switch’s IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Send Trap to Address, System Name, Password, and Location.

With its green sensibility and easy-to-use, robust feature set, the DGS-1224T makes a great solution for any growing business.

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Eğer bu ürün Dlink ürünü ise


Dllink sitesinde Emulator kısmından ürün arayüzünü inceleyebilirsin.

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