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Outlook 2007

969519   Error message when you create a profile in Outlook 2007
after you install the cumulative update that is described in Microsoft
Knowledge Base article 961752: "Outlook cannot log on"

968774   Outlook 2007 improvements in the 2007 Office suite Service
Pack 2

968918   The Change Calendar Time Zone button is removed in the
Time Zone dialog box in Outlook 2007 after you apply the 2007 Office suite
Service Pack 2

957324   Descriptions of the Business Contact Manager problems that
are fixed in the 2007 Microsoft Office suite Service Pack 2

968773   When Outlook 2007 is running in Cached mode, users do not
see some new e-mail messages


PowerPoint 2003

970220   Description of the PowerPoint 2003 hotfix package
(Powerpnt.msp): April 28, 2009


PowerPoint 2007

963669   Description of the update for PowerPoint 2007 Help: April
28, 2009

968776   When you move one of the default drawing guides on a slide
in a PowerPoint 2007 document, the drawing guide becomes invisible


SharePoint Designer 2007

963675   Description of the update for SharePoint Designer 2007
Help: April 28, 2009


SharePoint Server 2007

970779   Period (.) in username converted to underscore (_) in
SharePoint My Site URL

970784   XSLT converted Web Part (list view) breaks Item level
permission as per the UI

970787   How to change the display name of FBA user in Welcome

970776   Entire contents of a file that is crawled by Microsoft
SharePoint may not be searchable

970782   Howto disable autocomplete for an entire SharePoint farm

970788   ASPStateTempSessions table in the SSP Database is not
cleaned up automatically

970778   MOSS 2007: "The trial period for this product has
expired." during content deployment

970684   Background jobs will not always work against Forms Based
Authentication configured servers


SQL Server 2005

970669   SQL Server 2008 specific folders are created on systems
with SQL Server 2005 starting SP3 and above to prevent upgrade failures to
SQL Server 2008 at a later time

967963   FIX: Some rows are deleted when you repair a database by
using the Repair method together with the RepairOption.RecoverCorruptedRows
option in SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition and in SQL Server Compact 3.5

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