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2007 Microsoft Office suites

956725   On a domain controller that hosts an enterprise
certification authority, 2007 Office applications display the revoked
signatures as valid


Communications Server 2007

961949   You are repeatedly prompted to enter your authentication
credentials to download the corporate address book when you sign in to Office
Communicator 2007

961945   Error message when you try to upload a file or use the
whiteboard in Office Communicator 2007: "Content Failed to download due
to a problem with the Conference Center Configuration. Contact your

961950   How to move the archiving database in Communications
Server 2007

954505   A new mediation server or pool that you add to Office
Communications Server 2007 Quality of Experience (QoE) Monitoring Server does
not write data to the computer that is running SQL Server


Exchange Server 2007

959960   When you move mailboxes from an Exchange Server 2003
computer to a continuous cluster replication (CCR) Exchange Server 2007
environment, all mail for some users may be put in the Deleted Items folder

952928   Users cannot delete or modify their own e-mail messages
from a mail-enabled public folder in an Exchange Server 2007 environment


SharePoint Server 2007

950074   Error message when you complete the upgrade from an
earlier version of GroupBoard Workspace to GroupBoard Workspace 2007:
"Upgrade completed with errors"


Visual Studio 2005

967163   BadImageFormatException Occurs When Instantiating Types
Defined in a Referenced Assembly at Run-time


Windows Home Server

958926   Update for Windows Home Server with Power Pack 1 released
January 27, 2009


Windows Server 2003

967228   You receive a Stop error message and a Windows Server
2008-based or a Windows Server 2003-based computer restarts unexpectedly

961415   The tcsh process may exit abnormally when you run a C
shell script on a multiprocessor computer that is running Windows Server 2003
with Service Pack 2


Windows Server 2008

959488   The logon process may take a long time when you try to log
on to a Windows Vista-based or Windows Server 2008-based computer

959489   Error message when you try to perform certain operations
on the files that are located on a network share: "Access is

958612   Citrix ICA clients are not disconnected from a Windows
Server 2008 terminal server as expected when the grace period has expired and
a terminal license server is not configured


Windows Vista Enterprise

967107   IE7 does not restore when selecting Maximize or Restore
from the Taskbar Context Menu

963010   How do I restore the Windows Sidebar?

957533   When you send e-mail messages from Windows Mail for
Windows Vista, the messages may be garbled

960553   FIX: You may not hear the end of an audio file when you
play the audio file on a computer that is running Windows Vista


Windows XP Service Pack 2

955704   Description of the exFAT file system driver update package

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