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.NET Framework 2.0

973746   FIX: A System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
exception occurs when you use COM components in the .NET Framework 2.0 to
access form data or querystring data that contains a TAB character


Exchange Server 2007

967081   Event 9874 is logged frequently after you install Exchange
Server 2007 Service Pack 1

970893   E-mail addresses are created incorrectly if an e-mail
address policy in Exchange Server 2007 contains certain symbols, a slash or a
backslash, and then another of these symbols

969606   Recurring appointments in the calendar public folder are
not replicated correctly in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

958777   Active Directory contacts based on SMTP addresses are not
recognized when you use the Move-DominoGroup command to migrate from Lotus
Domino to Exchange 2007


Outlook 2003

973515   Description of the Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail Filter update:
September, 08, 2009


Outlook 2007

973514   Description of the Outlook 2007 Junk E-mail Filter update:
September 08, 2009


SharePoint Server 2007

200084   _doPostBack() function does not work in a Web Part that
contains an ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 UpdatePanel control unless using the
default.master page

200110   Errors or warnings for issues already fixed in current
build of SharePoint may show if older DLL versions are also loaded at startup


SQL Server 2005

974068   FIX: Error message when an application inserts a value
into a foreign key column in SQL Server Compact 3.5: "No key matching
the described characteristics could be found within the current range"


Windows Server 2003

974288   Description of the new Memory Pressure Protection feature
for TCP stack

967723   MS09-048: Vulnerabilities in Windows TCP/IP could allow
remote code execution

200118   Activation prompt after moving VHD from Virtual Server to

971961   MS09-045: Vulnerability in JScript Scripting Engines could
allow remote code execution

973252   A COM+ application crashes on a computer that is running
Windows Server 2003 that has hotfix 970659 applied

974127   An ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED error is returned in Windows Server
2003, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008 when you call the DeviceIoControl
function together with the FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME control code

973760   On a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 and that
has the SMTP service installed, messages may be delayed after you set certain
properties to a message to control the time that the message is delivered

971649   A hotfix is available that adds support for various models
of Quantum LTO-3 tape drives, of Quantum LTO-4 tape drives, and of Quantum
LTO-5 tape drivers for Windows Server 2003, for Windows Server 2008, and for
Windows Vista

956844   MS09-046: Vulnerability in the DHTML Editing Component
ActiveX control could allow remote code execution

971650   A hotfix is available that adds support for IBM LTO-5 tape
drivers for Windows Server 2003, for Windows Server 2008, and for Windows

975608   When a user, belonging to Network Configuration Operators
group, installs a networking component, bindings that involve filter drivers
may not be created.

975551   A non-administrator user can schedule a task that runs
under another user's account by using Task Scheduler


Windows Server 2008

970067   You find high CPU usage for the Wmiprvse.exe process on a
terminal server that is running Windows Server 2008 when you run the Windows
System Resource Manager

973356   Error message when you create one or more network printers
in a Windows Server 2008-based terminal server session: "Printers cannot
be installed"

975192   You receive a "Stop 0x00000050" error message
after you enable or disable Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator in Device Manager
on a Windows Vista-based computer that has Windows Vista Feature Pack for
Wireless installed

970710   MS09-049: Vulnerability in Wireless LAN AutoConfig Service
could allow remote code execution

971203   The memory usage of the DFS Replication service keeps
increasing on a PDC emulator or on a writable domain controller that is
running Windows Server 2008 during the SYSVOL share replication process

975274   You receive an error message when you try to remotely view
the printer Security tab on a print server from x64-based client editions of
Windows 7 or from x64-based or IA-64-based client editions of Windows Server
2008 R2

971370   You randomly hear audio from another terminal server
session when you play audio in a terminal server session that is hosted on
server that is running Windows Server 2008

973521   Desktop does not refresh when you rename and then
immediately delete a file on the desktop of a computer that is running
Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008

975383   The startup parameters of a generic service resource are
wrong, and this prevents the resource from starting in a Windows Server 2008

975606   An iSCSI image created by installing OS on a local disk
first and then deploying to an iSCSI target may fail to boot.

973843   Properties contain invalid characters when an application
that uses the Cdosys.dll module sets these properties to DBCS characters on a
computer that is running Windows Server 2008


Windows Vista Enterprise

973768   MS09-037: Description of the security update for Microsoft
HtmlInput Object ActiveX Control in Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows
Vista, and Windows Server 2008: August 11, 2009

971644   Description of the Platform Update for Windows Vista

975430   Error code on a black screen when you try to install a
Windows Vista Service Pack: "0xc0190036"

975484   Your computer may freeze or it may restart to a black
screen that has an 0xc0000034 error message after you install a Windows Vista
service pack

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