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Windows Server 2003

971408   Windows Server 2003 does not restart as expected if a
recursive error occurs while writing a dump file

971067   Windows Server 2003 crashes during a shutdown if
SharePoint Services Tracing is enabled


Windows Server 2008

972516   A DirectAccess access failure occurs after the DNS servers
that are running Windows Server 2008 return empty responses for AAAA queries
in a WINS zone

970525   Cluster resources fail over before the time expires in the
PDORemovePeriod parameter in Windows Server 2008

970186   Memory corruption occurs when you try to log off from a
computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 after you sync
the offline file in the Client-Side Caching folder

970480   The manufacturer's driver is not installed when you
install a third-party device driver on a Windows Vista-based or Windows
Server 2008-based computer


Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

971025   The lookup columns in a SharePoint list return empty
fields when the list item count exceeds one thousand items in a Windows
SharePoint Service 3.0 site

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