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Windows Server 2003

938486   A
Windows Server 2003-based computer becomes unresponsive because of a memory
manager trimming operation that is caused by an indeterminate module that
requests lots of memory
944817   Error 0X80070020 occurs when deploying images with Windows Deployment
943710   Winsock error message when you use a program that tries to bind to TCP
network ports on a Windows-based computer: "WSAEADDRINUSE (10048)"
944653   Microsoft Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Macrovision Secdrv.sys
driver on Windows could allow elevation of privilege
940925   A
Windows Server 2003-based domain controller restarts unexpectedly after you
install hotfix 918442 or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2
941773   The Diskpart.exe tool returns error code 4 on a Windows Server 2003
Service Pack 2-based computer that has a DVD-ROM drive or a CD-ROM drive
940526   Audit event ID 560 incorrectly displays the name of a deleted file in an
8.3 file name format if you delete the file at a command prompt in Windows
Server 2003, in Windows XP, or in Windows Vista
943634   You cannot cancel changes that you make on the Camera Control tab or on
the Video Proc Amp tab of the Properties dialog box of a webcam that is
connected to a computer that is running Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, or
Windows XP
943664   Error message when you run the "iscsicli ping" command by using the
64-bit Iscsicli.exe tool on a computer that is running an x64-based version of
Windows Server 2003: "Not enough storage is available to process this
556044   How to use Group Policy to control access to web sites

Windows Vista Enterprise

944020   The file transfer from the attached devices to the system internal hard
disk cannot be completed on a Windows Vista-based computer
944150   You hear a beep sound when you change the selection in a classic style
ListView when the "Select" option for the system sound is set to "None" in
Windows Vista
943632   The volume label of the storage media is not updated and the AutoPlay
dialog box is not displayed after you insert the storage media into a removable
drive on a Windows Vista-based computer
943903   Information about when to use the backup feature in Windows Live OneCare
or when to use the automatic backup feature in Windows Vista or in Windows Home
944335   The connection fails on a Windows Vista-based computer when you try to
communicate with another computer through an IPsec tunnel-mode connection
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