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Blocking Devices on Windows 2000/XP/2003  

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To disable a device on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003, it’s necessary to spot the drivers related to the device that should be disabled in the windows registry, and then set the start key value to 4.


Each devices has an entry in the following Windows registry:


Named as the generic device or as a device model. Under each device there is a Reg_DWORD key named Start. By setting the value of the Start key to 4, the device starting is prevented by Windows. After the set of key a machine reboot is required to block the device.










Following are the entries in the registry needed to be set for the specific device:

Device Name

Set the following devices

Floppy disk




Usb storage




Irda (Infrared)




Wireless Network card



Pcmcia cards





Controlling block storage devices on USB buses

What does controlling block storage devices on USB buses do?

This feature provides the ability to set a registry key that will prevent write operations to USB block storage devices, such as memory sticks. When this registry key is enabled, the devices function only as read-only devices. You can implement this setting as part of a security strategy to prevent users from transporting data using these devices.

Who does this feature apply to?

Users who do not want data to be written from their computer to a USB storage device.

IT professionals who want to implement organization controls over the use of USB block storage devices

What settings are added or changed in Windows XP Service Pack 2

Setting name


Default value

Possible values


CurrentControlSet\Control \StorageDevicePolicies


0 - Disabled

1 - Enabled

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