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Cloud Computing: An Introduction to SQL Azure  

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With SQL Azure, you can realize the benefits of a familiar relational
database platform, plus the benefits of cloud computing.

Joshua Hoffman

Data is the lifeblood of business. Ensuring that it’s secure, available and
easily accessible are fundamental requirements of any IT department. More
importantly, ensuring that data is used well—to drive processes, inform decision
making and react intelligently to changing circumstances—is what differentiates
successful businesses from those left behind.

The manner in which businesses ensure the availability of data is rapidly
changing. Hosted services—and the very idea of software as a service—for
everything from core datacenter functions like e-mail and business intelligence,
to personal applications like photo-sharing and file synchronization, have
become an everyday part of how we interact with our information. Cloud computing
has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past few years, both as a concept and as a
practical component of IT infrastructure.

One particularly compelling cloud-computing solution is Microsoft SQL Azure.
SQL Azure is a powerful, familiar infrastructure for storing, managing and
analyzing data. It also provides the benefits of cloud computing. Shared, hosted
infrastructure helps reduce both direct and indirect costs. A pay-as-you-go
model helps achieve greater efficiency. And high availability (HA) and fault
tolerance are built in.

Still, certain aspects of this new model pose challenges for the IT
professional. Making the right choices around using hosted services or in-house
infrastructure is a profound challenge. You must ensure smooth integration
between those approaches and maintain strong security and business-continuity
plans. These are just some of the issues IT professionals need to consider when
evaluating cloud-computing solutions for their organization.

Here, I’ll introduce you to SQL Azure from the IT professional’s perspective.
I’ll discuss how SQL Azure works, where it would fit best in your environment,
how to get started and how to ensure a smooth integration with your existing
data infrastructure.

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